Videos: Chrysler “Replaced” Commercials

It looks like the Chrysler group has been introducing its series of “Replaced” commercials, in which a rival car is replaced by vehicles from Chrysler for comparison. It’s funny because all the vehicles replaced in these commercials are Japanese brands. Some example vehicles include the Toyota Avalon, and the Nissan Pathfinder.

Anyways, enjoy the videos by continuing reading this post. The first video shows a Toyota Avalon being replaced by the 300, the second features a Toyota Sienna minivan replaced by the Dodge Grand Caravan, and the final video shows a Nissan Pathfinder being replaced by the Jeep Commander.

If it was me, I would never choose a Chrysler over the competing cars. They have bad sense of build quality and such, but that’s just my opinions, so don’t be hating. My mom used to own a Chrysler so…

Chrysler 300

Dodge Grand Caravan

Jeep Commander

[Source: YouTube]