Videos: Bread and Butter Minivans from DCX

Above is the introductory video to the unveil of the new minivans from Daimler Chrysler group, or officially known as “Bread and Butter” vehicles. My first initial impressions is that Chrysler seems to be heading the right direction while Dodge isn’t. Both of the minivans sport an appearance that looks good when in action, but somehow, it just doesn’t appeal to me when they’re static. And from the side, it looks a bit like the Mazda MPV.

Continue reading for both of the promotional videos from Daimler Chrysler.

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan:

2008 Chrysler Town & Country:

Which one is better, you ask me? Well, in my humble opinion, I choose the Town & Country over the Grand Caravan any day. The front grill is much distinctive than the T&C and it seems that the Chrysler minivan also hosts a more valuable appeal than the Dodge, which has many plastic materials surroundings in the interior. But what’s up with those rotating seats? Haha.