Rumors: New Corvette to Compete with the Viper SRT10?

So the Dodge Viper SRT10 wow’ed everyone at the Detroit Auto Show just last week with its near 600 horsepower engine, it appears that the Chevy Corvette wants in on the game as well. According to sources, General Motors is planning on a Viper SRT10 rival. General Motors chairman Bob Lutz noted that it wasn’t going to let the Dodge Viper hold the title as the most powerful American sports car, yet adding that the information of future products is strictly confidential, stated in a current interview.

We can confirm this report since spy images of a Corvette test vehicle with an unique hood scoop have been caught just recently, which is a clue that Chevrolet is adding more horsepowers to its current Corvette lineup, which is currently just above 500 horsepowers. Our guess is that the new Corvette will boast at least 600 or more horsepowers, which is similar to that of the Viper SRT10.