Pontiac Solstice Takes MX-5’s Title as America’s Most Popular Roadster

According to Ward’s Auto, the Pontiac Solstice ended the year of 2006 with a total of 19,710 sales in the United States, while the Mazda MX-5 only delivered 16,897, making the Solstice America’s most popular roadster. The most important to Mazda CEO, O’Sullivan, is the fact that the total number of sales were up by 4% from last year. Although O’Sullivan admits that they could have sold more MX-5 Miatas if they wanted to, apparently capacity was an issue. As well, the more popular retractable hardtop version did not enter the market until October, with many customers not receiving the model until November. O’Sullivan concluded that the MX-5 still remains the most popular roadster in America and that one year does not mark the success or failure of a vehicle.