Pontiac Solstice Takes MX-5’s Title as America’s Most Popular Roadster

According to Ward’s Auto, the Pontiac Solstice ended the year of 2006 with a total of 19,710 sales in the United States, while the Mazda MX-5 only delivered 16,897, making the Solstice America’s most popular roadster. The most important to Mazda CEO, O’Sullivan, is the fact that the total number of sales were up by 4% from last year. Although O’Sullivan admits that they could have sold more MX-5 Miatas if they wanted to, apparently capacity was an issue. As well, the more popular retractable hardtop version did not enter the market until October, with many customers not receiving the model until November. O’Sullivan concluded that the MX-5 still remains the most popular roadster in America and that one year does not mark the success or failure of a vehicle.

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Top 20 Cars for January

A report made by Autodata Corporation released a list of the top 20 vehicles for January of 2007. What was surprising to me was that there was a lot of American vehicles on the list.

Below is the complete list of the top 20 best-selling vehicles for January, along with the percent of change in sales.

1.) Ford F-Series -14.9%
2.) Chevrolet Silverado 0.7%
3.) Toyota Camry/Hybrid 14.7%
4.) Honda Accord/Hybrid 16.6%
5.) Toyota Corolla/Matrix 2.5%
6.) Chevrolet Impala 16.8%
7.) Nissan Altima/Hybrid 45.6%
8.) Dodge Ram 11.9%
9.) Dodge Caravan 14.3%
10.) Honda Civic/Hybrid -25.9%
11.) Honda CR-V 54.3%
12.) GMC Sierra 11.4%
13.) Toyota Tacoma 5.3%
14.) Chevrolet Cobalt -25.6%
15.) Pontiac G6 -21.8%
16.) Toyota RAV4 27.1%
17.) Chrysler Town & Country 20.4%
18.) Honda Odyssey 8.9%
19.) Ford Econoline 28.9%
20.) Toyota Sienna -7.9%

Although the Ford F-Series remains the best selling vehicle in January, the sales compared to last year dropped by almost 15%. The biggest change among the list was the Nissan Altima and the Altima Hybrid. It should be quite obvious since the new Altima is a more aggressive improvement over the predecessor.

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Video: Ferrari vs Jet

What do you get when you put a Ferrari and a fighter jet on a head-to-head race? You get an amazing race and you get… a winner. Can you guess which the winner was? 😉

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Oprah’s Take on New Self-Parallel Parking LS

On today’s episode of Oprah, which showcased some of the latest inventions and gadgets that help change our lives. Among the cool inventions was the new Lexus LS460, which had the ability to self-parallel park. Oprah, in the driver’s seat, took hold of command and tried out the system for herself. Her initial reaction? “How cool was that!” Some of the notable impressions that she made when she stepped into the vehicle was her amazement of the interior, in which she complimented on.

The entire parking process for Oprah took about 4 minutes, however, her foot was tightly snugged on the brakes. Also interesting was that not only did she press the Start button, but held it for quite some time, until she realized that it was already starting up. Hopefully someone will post the video on YouTube or something. 😎

[Image Courtesy of Oprah.com]

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New Special Edition Subaru Outback Announced

Subaru announced that it will produce only 200 of a new special edition of the Outback, which is priced at ?1,000 worth of extra equipment. The special edition Outback will be based on the 2.5 SE automatic. The special edition Outback will feature an ivory leather interior, rear air-conditioning outlets, and MOMO leather steering wheel with inset audio controls. On the outside, the special edition Outback is offered in either Diamond Grey Metallic or Dark Green Mica with Urban Grey bumpers and body cladding. Standard equipment includes HID headlamps, electrical-folding mirrors, a 6-disc in-dash CD changer with MP3 capability, dual-zone climate control as well as curtain airbags.

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Ford Sales Fall, while Toyota Rises

Ford announced today that its sales fell by a disappointing 19% in January. Ford noted that the resale value of its newer products have improved for the 2007 Ford Fusion, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, as well as the Ford Escape. January marks the first full month of the sales of the new Edge and Lincoln MKX. The Edge managed to sell to about 5,600 customers, while the MKX only around 1,700.

While Ford is slowly falling, Toyota reported that US sales have rose to 9.5% for January. The sales of the Camry and RAV4 rose up to 14.7% and 27.1%. What’s interesting is that the sales of the new LS460 flagship from Lexus tripled that compared to its predecessor. However, the sales of the Sienna, 4Runner, and Sequoia all fell but was made up through the rest of the Toyota line-up. Toyota’s weakness? Scion. Of which sales of all three Scion models were down by more than 10%.

Will the new Ford redesigned models help save sales? Or will Ford fall to its knees.

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Official Volvo V70 Images

Official images of the new wagon to the Volvo line-up, the V70. The V70 will be equipped with a new 3.0-Liter engine based off the S80 line. Standard is the all-wheel-drive and traction control. I’ll post some more information here later. For now, enjoy the pics.

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Nissan Upgrades its Trucks

Nissan will upgrade its truck line-up with a series of facelifts from inside and out including a little less chrome than before and a more revised look. Engines will also be upgraded with more power. The new Nissan trucks will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. For complete information, continue reading.

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Video: Humvee Driving in Iraq

I managed to search through the YouTube database to find this video. It shows a Humvee driving through the crowded streets of Iraq. While it may seem humorous to some, it certainly is a matter of life and death as stopping in the streets of Iraq in an American vehicle certainly means that you are suicidal. However, one side that it does show is how Americans treat Iraqis and if it’s visible through traffic manners, than it certainly is evident through behavioral habits.

Watch the video and think positive thoughts. 😛

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Gallery and Video: New Fiat Bravo

Complete high-resolution gallery by clicking below:

Fiat officially released images and videos of its highly-anticipated Bravo crossover vehicle today. Several reports from online publications have rumored that the new Bravo will be introduced in the United States, along with the launch of the Fiat brand for sale in North America. The ultra-compact crossover will be available with a 1.4L 16V at 90-horsepower as well as a turbocharged T-JET engine which outputs 120 and 150-HP. Additional gadgets will include the Blue&Me navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, as well as several other goodies.


Two additional videos of the Fiat Bravo are available by reading more.

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1,000 IS-F’s to be Built

Click below for complete high-resolution gallery:

A report made by AutoWeek claims that the new BMW M3 competitor from Lexus, the IS-F, will only be available for the first 1,000 customers in the United States. To recap, the Lexus IS-F Series was produced to compete with the high-performance M3 as well as the AMG line from Mercedes-Benz. Although these reports have not been officially confirmed by Toyota, it’s highly possible that there might be more IS-F’s coming if sales increase.

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Nissan Altima Hybrid Pricing

Nissan announced today that the new Altima Hybrid will have a starting MSRP of $24,400. The hybrid vehicle will have a tax credit of approximately $2,350.

Mileage figures for the Altima Hybrid are estimated to be 42MPG in city driving and 36MPG for highway cruising. Standard equipment will include 16-inch alloy wheels, Intelligent Key with push button starting, power door locks, a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo system with an auxiliary input jack, ABS, vehicle dynamic and traction control, as well as a dual-zone automatic climate control.

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2008 Audi TT Pricing Announced

Audi announced today the pricing of its new TT line-up for North America. The Coupe will arrive in April, followed by the Roadster in May. The Coupe version of the line-up starts at $34,800 while the Roadster has a base price of $36,800. Both models will be available in either 2.0T or 3.2-Quattro engine trim. All 2.0T models will be paired with a 200-hp engine with a 6-speed S-tronic transmission, while the 3.2-Quattro models will be paired up with 50 more horsepowers (250-hp) with a V6 engine as well as the infamous Quattro all-wheel drive.

Standard options include leather and Alcantara-covered sport seats, automatic climate control with power steering. Amenities such as a in-dash CD changer has the ability to play MP3 formats. Other standard features include 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, and cruise control.

Optional equipment includes 18-inch wheels and Nappa leather seats. An optional DVD-based navigation system is available, as well as Bluetooth phone operation and Bose premium sound with satellite radio. Adding to that list are bi-xenon adaptive headlights, iPo interface, Audi parking system and a Baseball-optic leather interior for the roadster.

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Video and Gallery: New Mercedes-Benz C-Class

What’s there more to do then enjoy high resolution images of the new C-Class or even watch it in its full glory in action on video? Simply nothing. So I’ve made it available to do just that for you. There are 4 complete high-resolution galleries of the new C-Class including the Avantgarde, Classic, and the Elegance versions.

Click above to browse the complete set.

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I’m Back!

So after a long dreadful week of final exams and a flu, I am back again at work on the site. I guess I left everything just hanging, I left the gallery hanging as well as stopped the service feed for news. Haha, there was just too much to do and I was flunking out in chemistry so I became a major bookworm for the last few days. Hopefully things will take back to original shape now, preparing for February. Bye.

Oh, and today was my birthday. 🙂

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