New Scion Vehicles Leaked a Bit Early…?

I guess this won’t be such a surprise as I found leaked images of the new Scion xD and xB on Car and Driver while I was surfing the automotive forums. Way to spoil the surprise, I guess Car and Driver can’t really be trusted after all. Anyways, back to the Scions. The new xD will replace the xA model. Styling on both of these new vehicles are a bit controversial perhaps, but you can’t argue with the futuristic characteristics hidden behind the designs. The xD will receive the Toyota Matrix/Corolla engine, which boasts 128-hp and is available with either a 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission. The xB, which looks to be borrow design from the Urban Cruiser concept Toyota released, will be more powerful, sharing the 158-horsepower 4-cylinder engine from the Scion tC. But yeah, will these vehicles really save Scion after they announced dropping sales in previous years? We’ll see. My guess is that they probably won’t climb back up.

Below is the image of the new Scion xB.

To like it, or to not like it… that is the question! 👿