Malibu’s Are Cool Again?

I’m not sure what is going on, but I was suppose to keep these kinds of news under wraps, that is, until I saw a fresh posting of the Chevrolet Malibu on Edmunds. So I just said: screw it. So here you are, new images and official information on Chevrolet Malibu. After a teaser was shown, I’d really wish they’d just keep the rear under the curtain, because it’s not pretty.

What do you do when you have competitors such as the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry gaining up sales while you keep falling? You go up and that’s what the new Malibu is expected to do: gain back its reputation. The new Malibu looks just as aggressive as any other competitor now, except maybe the rear.

The Malibu will be powered by a 252-horsepower 3.6-Liter V6, which is also available on the Saturn Aura. Controlled by a 6-speed automatic transmission, there will also be available steering-wheel mounted shifters. For the base model, the 2.4-Liter Ecotec 4-cylinder at 164 horsepowers in which the budget-friendly LS and LT trims will get a 4-speed automatic tranny.

A huge improvement from its predecessor, the two-tone colored interior really works, giving the new Malibu a taste of luxury and a more upscale feel. Now that the design is better than before, Chevrolet notes that we should get used to the new front end design, which will be the new face of future Chevrolet cars.

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The question now is: will it beat its Japanese competitors?