Are European Ford Vehicles Coming to the US?

Some rumors surfaced today in my inbox this morning. We all know that European Ford models are considered much better and superior to the ones introduced in the North Americas, and consumers keep demanding that Ford introduce these models available for the US. Reports say that Ford will start to introduce the European models in the Americas as soon as starting next year.

The report also stated that some models will include the European version of the Focus, the all-new Mondeo, the top-selling S-Max and Galaxy. One thing for sure is that the European Ford Focus will not be introduced here since a new generation will debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

We already saw a similar action taken by General Motors just yesterday. GM announced that it was going to add the Opel Astra from its European market and plan to make success here in the United States. But hey, who knows, you might see those European cars popping up anytime soon.