Ford Sales Fall, while Toyota Rises

Ford announced today that its sales fell by a disappointing 19% in January. Ford noted that the resale value of its newer products have improved for the 2007 Ford Fusion, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, as well as the Ford Escape. January marks the first full month of the sales of the new Edge and Lincoln MKX. The Edge managed to sell to about 5,600 customers, while the MKX only around 1,700.

While Ford is slowly falling, Toyota reported that US sales have rose to 9.5% for January. The sales of the Camry and RAV4 rose up to 14.7% and 27.1%. What’s interesting is that the sales of the new LS460 flagship from Lexus tripled that compared to its predecessor. However, the sales of the Sienna, 4Runner, and Sequoia all fell but was made up through the rest of the Toyota line-up. Toyota’s weakness? Scion. Of which sales of all three Scion models were down by more than 10%.

Will the new Ford redesigned models help save sales? Or will Ford fall to its knees.

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Toyota + Ford = BFF?

Sometimes it’s best to join the ones you can’t win. As Ford continues to decline, big boy on the playground Toyota will soon be rising to number 2 on the automaker list and continues to make its way upwards on the waterfall. Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Mark Fields visited Japan last Wednesday to go over details of the partnership, this isn’t uncommon this year, as we saw GM partner up with Nissan, which didn’t happen. Yet nothing is known for sure, but if this little partnership does take place, it’ll be the merging of the greats of automakers.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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NAIAS Preview: Toyota FT-HS Sports Concept

You might want to sit down before fainting over a Toyota. This year, Toyota will present its FT-HS Hybrid Sports Concept which will be a super car powered by a 3.5-L V6 engine with more than 400 horsepowers working together with a hybrid powertrain with a 0-60 time of around 4 seconds.

Although a mere concept, what you see here will certainly be what you get at the Detroit auto show. The FT-HS Hybrid Sports Concept that will unveil at the NAIAS will be the size of a Lexus SC430, except wider. There will also be room for 4 passengers. The engine will be visible through a hole in the hood, similar to that of the Audi R8, where the engine is visible through a piece of glass.

Inside, the aggressive design from the outside is carried onto the interior, which has sharp edges throughout the cabin. Yes, it may look cool in the pictures, but the question really is: will this ever be made into production? Kevin Hunter, VP of the Calty Design Research reports that the price tag will fall in the mid $30,000 range, which is not too shabby.

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New Toyota Auris Receives 5-Stars from NCAP

The new Toyota Auris has received 5-Star ratings from the European new car reassessment program for European vehicles. The hatchback proved that there was minimal intrusion in the cabin thanks to its 9 airbags and received 4-star performance in child occupant protection ratings. As a result, the new Auris is Toyota’s fifth vehicle to receive a 5-star rating. The Auris was also rated 3 out of 4 stars in pedestrian protection. The Auris scored a total of 35 points out of a possible 37. Yay.

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Toyota Does Price Adjustments on Some ’07 Models

Toyota announced today that they will adjust the price of seven 2007 models. Adjustment, does this mean increase in price, or decrease? Guess what, it’s an increase in the price. That’s right, they are increasing the MSRP of seven 2007 models by an average of 0.7%, or by $136. The seven models will include the Yaris sedan and hatchback, increased by $100; the Corolla, increased by $100; the FJ Cruiser, by $200; the Matrix, by $150; the new Camry regular sedan, by $200; the RAV4 SUV, by $100; and the Tacoma, by $100.

Although the increased prices may seem small, it will make a huge difference when it comes to the final price. Is this their way of saying Merry Christmas? Continue reading for the full press release.

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One Millionth Yaris Produced

The one millionth Toyota Yaris produced rolled off the assembly line today at the manufacturing plant in France. Must be a big feat to accomplish, so heads off, and good job to Toyota! You rock my socks. Continue reading for the complete press release.

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Videos: Top Gear and their Sports

So we all know that Top Gear, a UK motoring television show, comes up with all sorts of neat ideas to add entertainment to their car reviews. I was surfing YouTube the other day and found two videos that really caught my attention.

Apparently Top Gear played soccer and ice hockey using vehicles! For the soccer match, they used the Volkswagen Fox and the Toyota Aygo, and for the ice hockey session, they played using the Suzuki SX4, which we know has all-wheel drive capability. It was extremely fun to watch, and funny, I must say. I’m just surprised and glad that no one got badly injured during the games.

Continue reading for the videos!

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Wallpapers: 2007 Toyota Auris European Version

I think I’m in la-la-la-love with a Toyota. The new Auris from Toyota is actually quite stunning for a car its size. It sort of can be described as the European version of the Toyota Yaris. What I’m most excited about is its interior, it seems that European models get much better looking interiors than the North Americans do. Oh, well.

Continue reading for the link to high-res wallpapers! 😆

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Toyota Wins Itself Into Hearts of New-Vehicle Buyers

Not a big surprise, but Toyota and Lexus has won themselves into the hearts of new Toyota and Lexus vehicles buyers once again. Toyota and its luxury brand, Lexus, has made themselves to top 2 making 64% of their customers think about buying another one of their products again. At third place, it’s Toyota’s rival, Honda, at 60%.

Improving brands include BMW, Nissan, and thanks to improvement in quality, Cadillac has ranked up as well. The survey was based on responses from 138,630 consumers. Continue reading for the full press release.

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Wallpaper: 2007 Toyota Corolla European Version

Presenting the new Corolla, which is now the tenth generation of the Corolla model. Compact sedan, people-mover, you can call it whatever you want, but I want to call it: Mini-Camry. Just because it looks a lot like the new Camry from many different angles. Although Toyota hasn’t released many details about the Corolla, we know from the press release that it will be available with a diesel engine for Europe. From the images, we can see that the interior will be a huge improvement as well, with lots of metallic trim and more high-quality materials, as found in the new Camry.

Continue reading for the link to wallpapers and a short introduction.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid is Green Car of 2007

Click the image below to see wallpapers:

Won by the Mercury Mariner Hybrid last year, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is this year’s Green Car of the Year. Other competing vehicles included the Honda Civic GX, Lexus GS450h, the Mercedes-Benz E320 BLUETEC, as well as the Saturn Vue Green Line. The award was gladly accepted by Ed La Rocque, who dedicated the award to Dave Hermance who is Toyota’s lead engineer on hybrid projects who died in a private plane crash not long ago.

Continue reading for the quote from AutoBlog.

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Motor Trend’s Car of the Year 2007

Surprising news! The Toyota Camry has won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year title. Okay, not really that much of a surprise since Camry’s have been a top-seller everywhere worldwide. The Camry was selected as the winner out of a possible 27 other vehicles. The best selling vehicle also comes in the Hybrid Synergy Drive edition.

Click above for wallpapers and click read more for the press release.

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Most Satisfying Car is Once Again, The Prius

The Toyota Prius makes it way into the hearts of auto consumers yet again in a current survey done by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, with 92% of consumers saying that they would buy the hybrid vehicle again. Of the 45 vehicles that were most satisfying, there were seven American cars that were on list, including the Ford Mustang, Pontiac Solstice, Dodge Charger, Buick Lucerne, Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. As expected, Japanese car makers Toyota and Honda dominated the list.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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CarPhotoSite’s Beauty Pageant

Okay. After much controversy in the World’s Most Beautiful Automobiles post, I must first say that I did not create that list. I repeat, did not. That list was messed up anyways. So I have created my own little list for those who care to listen.

The list contains vehicles that you can find on the dealer lots today, not vehicles that are about to be introduced, so not to cause any controversy.

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Wallpaper: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Race Truck at 38th Baja 1000

Presented at the SEMA auto show, here is the racing version of the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser in high-resolution wallpaper. Enjoy!

Full press release found below.

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