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I’m Back!

So after a long dreadful week of final exams and a flu, I am back again at work on the site. I guess I left everything just hanging, I left the gallery hanging as well as stopped the service feed for news. Haha, there was just too much to do and I was flunking out in chemistry so I became a major bookworm for the last few days. Hopefully things will take back to original shape now, preparing for February. Bye.

Oh, and today was my birthday. 🙂

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Another successful year has gone by, and Christmas marks the end of 2006! This holidays, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break. Don’t forget, giving is the joy and spirit of Christmas, whether it’s a Lexus like shown above or just a small toy to your local salvation army. Some aren’t as greatful as some of us so it’s a good idea to give back to the community.

A small reminder to carfanatix, please check your e-mail as you are the winner of our iPod Shuffle contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and just a heads-up, there will be another contest coming very soon. I won’t hint what it is, but the prize will involve another iPod! Thanks everyone and merry Christmas!

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Video: The Story Behind the Volvo XC60 Concept

Here is a video explaining the idea behind the Volvo XC60 Concept. One of the major ideas behind the XC60 was to downsize the current XC90 into a smaller and more versatile vehicle. My first initial impressions are that Volvo has definitely stepped up the game, however, this is a concept vehicle, and we all know that when concepts look cool, the production won’t be so rad. Enjoy the video, it actually has a lot of important information about future Volvo vehicles.

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We’ll Be Right Back!

Hello, as you’ve noticed, I’m not posting any latest news at the moment. This is because I’m undergoing a totally new redesign and are testing out the template as well as new features to the website. To prepare for next year, we are redesigning the whole website with new colors and layout.

The biggest change of all will be that CarPhotoSite will be known as for automotive news, and will be used for wallpapers.

Some new features will include:

1.) Adding widescreen wallpapers for widescreen users.
2.) A more effective and planned out design.
3.) A larger window size when viewing wallpapers.
4.) More of the latest automotive news you love.
5.) Added video channel page for better access.
6.) New domain names for easier access.
7.) Adding more test drives and reviews of the latest vehicles.

And many more! The new changes will take place before Christmas Day, or earlier, which is the day when we will draw the winner of a new iPod Shuffle taking place in the forums.

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For Sale: Sony Vaio PCV-W30

Good day, all. As you can see, I am retiring from my computer and hoping to buy a new one. After many years with this Sony, I am deciding that it is becoming a bit too slow for my taste. As I am dealing with multimedia and using high-resolution image editors everyday, I am in need of a faster and more efficient computer. If you’re interested in buying, read on!

Read more…

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It’s 9:00 PM and the night is still, another Halloween has passed, and was quite successful. However, my Halloween post was totally inactive, even though I told you guys to comment me. Thanks, guys. 😥 Oh, well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to voice your opinions throughout the year.

As for today, I took a rest from blogging and updating the website to enjoy the Halloween spirit. So as of now, things will continue and you can expect to see many updates and blog entries due to the SEMA show. As well, many manufacturers have uploaded their photo databases. So I’ll get on workin’.

Requests are always welcome. Thanks! 😛

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Happy Halloween!

On behalf of, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween this year! May all your spooky dreams come true, and happy trick-or-treating!

Tell me what you’re dressing up as or what planning doing this Halloween! Leave me a comment, I’d like to hear from you! 😉

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Please Slow Down…

As you may all know, I am only 16 years old. I live in British Columbia of Canada and here, the Learner’s permit allows my age group to drive under rules and regulations, meaning that I must be accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license.

And like all drivers have experienced, I am still in the process of learning to drive. Although my skills are above average, driving is a pleasure and I enjoy every moment I get behind that wheel. Yet one thing still bothers me.

Do I always need to feel pressured when stopping at two-lane street in a red light? Why do I always feel the need to speed up when I am driving the limit whenever I look at my rearview mirror? Is the middle finger really that necessary if I am going slower than the maximum speed?

If you said yes to all of the questions above, then you are thinking of what I’m about to say. Drivers need to slow down and respect the laws of the road. Some days I see cars passing lane-to-lane without leaving any space and without flashing turn signals. How are the new drivers like me suppose to follow the rules if we are tempted to break them? How are we suppose to avoid accidents when it’s not us that’s causing them?

As a pedestrian, the signs near my school are almost never obeyed. The crosswalk is just paint that gets driven over. Every morning and after school, I’d have to wait for at least 3 cars to zoom past at 60M/PH or 96K/PH before even think about safely crossing the crosswalk. It’s ridiculous!

I’d also like to add a video that I found on YouTube to maybe help you think twice before you decide to speed next time.

I really like to see change, yet I cannot do anything. All I can do is tell you to respect the roads and help make driving fun again.

As for those who are goody-goody two shoes, I love you all and thank you for slowing down. 🙂

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