Video and Gallery: New Mercedes-Benz C-Class

What’s there more to do then enjoy high resolution images of the new C-Class or even watch it in its full glory in action on video? Simply nothing. So I’ve made it available to do just that for you. There are 4 complete high-resolution galleries of the new C-Class including the Avantgarde, Classic, and the Elegance versions.

Click above to browse the complete set.

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Mercedes-Benz Sales Arise by 3 Percent in 2006

Daimler Chrysler automotive group announced today that unit sales at the Mercedes-Benz division rose by 3 percent in 2006 thanks to an increased interest and demand for its luxury vehicles. Luxury vehicles such as the Maybach and Smart brands also rose in sales, which sold 1.26 million Smart cars. As well as US, sales were also increased in 2006 in various regions such as the Asia-Pacific and Europe.

However, its brother Chrysler announced on Thursday that while unit sales outside North America rised, those in the U.S. market fell by a disappointing 6.6 percent. Overall, Chrysler sales fell by 4.5 percent.

The main growth outside the North Americas for Mercedes-Benz was in China, which was up at 33 percent. Sales in Japan also rose 11 percent. However, the figures of the Smart cars were disappointing and Daimler Chrysler has announced that it will refresh the Smart brand and renew its 2-seat model with the upcoming ForTwo.

In 2006, Maybach sold about 400 limousines and with the appearance of the newly introduced Maybach 62 S, we’re bound to see more happy figures. In total since its introduction in 2002, Maybach has sold around 1,900 units.

What does this mean to you? The luxurious brands of Mercedes-Benz are doing extremely well, while its parent companies, such as Chrysler, isn’t so hot. Mercedes-Benz also reported that sales of the S-Class did extremely well in 2006, so that’s a good thing.

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Introducing the Mercedes CLC-Class… the what?

Mercedes-Benz claimed the trademark for the CLC-Class, even snatching the trademark on toy models with the CLC-Class name. Although nothing is known right now, many websites rumor that Mercedes-Benz will introduce the name for the Ocean Drive concept, which is the convertible version of the luxurious S-Class. I, however, think that it might possibly be used for a convertible version of the coupe-tastic CLS-Class, since CL”C” goes for convertible, while CL”S” goes for sedan.

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New C-Class Proves Itself

Mercedes-Benz has released a teaser video for analysts and car enthusiasts to prove that the new C-Class will surpass the competition by undergoing extreme and heavy testing to simulate the everyday life of a typical driver. And boy, when I say extreme, I mean extreme. The C-Class is driven on hard surfaces, rocked up and down, even tilted to the side, any kind of torture that you can think of, the C-Class has already been through. The question now is: will it surpass the quality, build, and drive of the new BMW 3-Series?

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Mm, I Can Taste the Ocean from My Mercedes-Benz

Ultra-luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has proven once again that is an innovator, unveiling details about the new Ocean Drive concept, which is a four-door convertible. One of the largest convertibles I’ve seen, the Ocean Drive is dubbed the S-Class convertible, with many attributes similar to the S-Class. As well, there will be options such as the AIRSCARF to warm the necks of all four occupants. With this, it will be extremely likely that Bentley will introduce a convertible version of its Flying Spur model sometime in the future.

Continue for the complete press release and check out the high-res gallery in our wallpaper database.

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Update: New C-Class will be Unveiled at NAIAS?

Remember the post where we told you that the final W203 C-Class rolled off the production line? Well, there’s more to add to that story. That post was published on December 14, and in the press release from Mercedes-Benz, it said:

With only a few weeks left to go until the world premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the last 203 series sedan is rolling off the assembly line today at the Sindelfingen plant…

The new C-Class was expected by many sources to be unveiled in March at the next Geneva Motor Show, yet it is not a “few” weeks away, rather, it should be “months” away. So now we’re guessing the new C-Class will be unveiled at the NAIAS in Detroit in January, with the public world premiere held at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Goodbye, Dear W203 C-Class

The last W203 C-Class sedan rolled off the Sindelfingen plant today. The vehicle, in iridium silver, is bought by a customer in the United States. Since the W203 was launched, the plant has produced about 630,000 units in total for customers all around the world. What does this mean to you? It means that they’re getting ready for the new C-Class, which is set to be unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit in a couple of weeks.

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Effective Early Planning will Help Reduce Painting Costs for Mercedes-Benz


Researchers from DaimlerChrysler are using simulations to determine in advance the location and size of pockets of air enclosed during immersion of a body-in-white. As well as facilitating early planning, these calculations help optimize painting processes and cut costs. Exciting news, huh? 😆

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New Flagship Diesel: Mercedes-Benz S420 CDI

Today, the upscale Mercedes-Benz announced that they will be adding a new diesel model for the S-Class, the S420 CDI. The S420 CDI will feature a 4.0-liter V8 CDI diesel engine which has 320 horsepowers, with a 0-60mph in approximately 6.6 seconds.

However, don’t get too excited, because the S420 CDI won’t be making its way to the North Americas anytime now. This new model signifies that there will be a total of eight models to choose from on the European S-Class lineup.

Continue reading for a short excerpt from the press release.

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Video: Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG

Fifth Gear tested the ML63 AMG at the Mercedes-Benz World, which was equipped with more than 500 horsepowers! This was quite an interesting video to watch considering the reviewer kept on laughing while he drove the ML63. Oh, it’s neat to hear the engine sounds of the powerful hand-built engine rev itself to life. “The best off-roader on the road”. Watch the video and see what you think.

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Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Once again, more images of the upcoming GLK-Class have been spotted, with heavy camouflage. Judging by the shape, the GLK will be very boxy, as seen on many of the renderings found on the web. The GLK will be built on a platform based on the upcoming C-Class, similar to that of the X3 is to the 3-Series platform. There is a wide range of engines available, and the GLK will be equipped with 4Matic all-wheel-drive and a 7-speed transmission.

Continue reading for all the spy shots and a rough translation of the summary from Auto Motor und Sport with the help of Google.

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Wallpaper: ’06 Mercedes-Benz CLS Brabus Rocket Police Car

Click the image above for high-resolution wallpapers.

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Wallpaper: Mercedes-Benz R50K by Kleemann

Click the image below to see wallpapers:

Enjoy these wallpapers of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class by Kleemann! 😉

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Wallpaper: New Brabus Models from Mercedes-Benz

Need performance? Want performance? I’ve got it right here in wallpaper formats including the world’s fastest street-legal sedan, the CLS Brabus Rocket with a V12 engine; the high-performance GL-Class SUV; and the adorable and aggressive new CL-Coupe, all by Brabus performance. Enjoy these wallpapers brought to you exclusively by CarPhotoSite!

Continue reading for the links to all the Brabus wallpapers.

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SLK-Class Special Edition 10 Coming in January

Mercedes-Benz has just announced that the SLK-Class Special Edition 10 showcar will be available to consumers in January next year. Celebrating the 10th year of production, the vehicle will obtain cosmetic changes to the interior and out, with an output of 272 horsepower. Pricing starts at ?37,750, approximately $48,500 US, for the KOMPRESSOR engine. Please continue reading for full press release!

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