NAIAS: Lincoln MKR Concept

Set to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 7th, the new MKR Concept will be a four-door four-seater. By looking at the pictures from Lincoln, we can see that the vehicle is not only a concept, but it holds the key to the future of Lincoln design.

We can expect to find the future face of Lincoln vehicle design, which are visible on the MKR concept with 7 predefined design elements and characteristics. To begin the characteristics, the MKR will have clean and uncluttered body surfaces; an aggressive belt-line; a beveled edge which will be parallel to the belt-line; a front grille that was inspired by the 1941 Continental Cabriolet; attached with thin, horizontal headlamp clusters; a smooth-flowing C-pillar; and lastly, an integrated roof-rail.

An inch longer than the current MKS concept, the MKR show car houses 415-horsepowers under the hood and is equipped with all-wheel-drive. Inside, the interior is lighted by an ice blue lighting illuminating the gauges, with cashmere covered seats and Mohair carpets.

Yes, a concepts are sure cool but sometimes a bit too unrealistic. Lincoln has announced that they will launch its new flagship sedan in 2008, and many things you see here on the MKR concept will be implemented. Looks like everyone wants a piece of that sexy-ness that the Mercedes-Benz CLS brought to the market.

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Most Viewed This Week: Lincoln MKZ

Another week has passed by and I’m seeing tremendous results in CarPhotoSite’s activity. The number of visitors has increased, and so has the number of comments. I’m greatly honored and happy to see these results. This week, the most viewed wallpaper was the Lincoln MKZ, probably because it was submitted into AutoSpies the prior week and people had lots of things to say about it. Anyways, enjoy it!

PS: Also popular were the Lincoln Navigator, and the Lincoln MKX.

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Top Ten Worst Automobiles Today

The Truth About Cars has posted the top ten worst automobiles that we can find today. Things aren’t looking very good for General Motors, as they dominate this list. Although this list is based on the readers of one particular website, please be courteous to everyone’s opinions. Continue reading for the list of winners, well, actually, losers.

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Lincoln MKS to come with V8, not V6

After much discussion about the Lincoln MKS to introduce with a V6 or tuned V6 engine, Ford issued a survey that asked consumers which engine would appear best with the MKS, and the result? Many voted for the V8, opposed to the V6. So now, it appears that reports say that the MKS will be powered by a 315 horsepower V8 in order to compete with rivals.

Addition to the report, there will be the panoramic glass or VistaRoof, as seen on the Ford Edge and upcoming Lincoln vehicles; adaptive LED headlamps, similar to that of the Lexus LS600h; 20-inch wheels which are a first for Lincoln sedans; Bluetooth connectivity; DVD audio; and the Lincoln Mobile Media System, which uses an 8-inch LCD display to handle navigation, audio/entertainment, climate control, and it can also download data such as weather.

[Source: Lincoln Forums]

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Wallpaper: Lincoln Vehicles

Introducing Lincoln’s 3 new vehicles: the MKX, MKZ, and the Navigator. The MKX, brother to the Ford Edge, is Lincoln’s new crossover utility vehicle; the MKZ name replaces the current outgoing Zephyr to increase sales; and the Navigator achieves a totally new redesign for 2007. I’ve updated new images of the Navigator and MKX. Continue reading for the link to wallpapers, as well as a press release.

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Lincoln to Fight Back?

Let me start by quoting one of the first sentences found in the press release:

“Lincoln is determined to become America’s luxury vehicle by launching the largest number of new products in the brand’s history.”

First of all, Lincoln is “determined” but will it become America’s luxury vehicle? I don’t think so.

Take a good look at these cars introduced: the MKZ, Navigator, Navigator L, MKX, and the Mark LT. Some would say that these quality cars, but some, like me, say they are not. I was never a huge fan of vehicles made by American manufacturers due to too many errors and faults in the construction.

And I know there are many that think this also, not just me. Take a look around and you’ll see many Asian and German brands, and who drives a Lincoln besides your grandparents or limousine services? I think it will take a great deal of advertising and promotion to actually make people look into these cars, or even create something revolutionary.

In the press release, I also found a lot of “we hope to…” or “we plan to…” ‘s, opposed to “we will…”. It just goes to show how confident they really are about these new products. 😕

Press Release

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