This Week’s Discussion: The Future of General Motors

So all of you may have heard that GM isn’t doing so well this year, and it may not do so well with the years to come. I’ve decided to start a weekly discussion, for those interested, about the future of General Motors.

Back in the golden days, GM was well-known for creating spectacular vehicles and moving machines. However, times have changed and GM is finding itself struggling to keep up with main competitors, leaving them with no choice but to sell, sell, and sell. By selling, this may mean selling their plants or selling their vehicles with the help of heavy promotion and discounts.

The vehicles of General Motors lay in the hands of most people who are in need of an affordable vehicle. What comes with that vehicle is years of trips to the dealers, thanks to General Motors’ history of vehicle quality, as this statement is supported by the data made by most automotive review magazines, such as Consumer Reports.

Yes, those concepts introduced by GM may seem cool, but when they appear into reality, everything is a major disappointment. General Motors has lost the connection and that special bond between it and its customers, which results in a huge decrease in sales.

So, in conclusion, there may not be a future for General Motors unless they get their act together and start producing and inventing vehicles that revolutionize the way we think about the future of automobiles, as well change the way we think about GM.

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