BMW Has the Best Showroom Displays

It appears that BMW has the coolest showrooms and displays, evident in a new survey. As well, Mercedes-Benz and Audi also took the spot as top 3 for having the best showrooms. Sad to say this, but I’ve never been to an BMW, Mercedes-Benz, nor Audi showroom so I can’t really say anything on this because I can’t afford those gosh-darn-tootin’ luxury cars. Continue reading for a small quote from Auto Express.

Germans looking good

When it comes to chic showrooms, BMW is the style king, says a new survey. In fact, German marques took the top three places.

A quarter of British motorists questioned named BMW as having the best-designed displays. Mercedes attracted 20 per cent of votes, while Audi came third with 11 per cent, according to dealership property specialist Gilbran.

[Source: Auto Express]