Acura + V8 = The Bomb

Looks like the person in charge of research and development for Honda vehicles, Hirohide Ikeno, says that he is voting and pushing for the appearance of a V8 onto the Acura lineup. However, only Acura vehicles will get this upgrade if it comes, as Honda will still retain the efficient V6’s. Many top-of-the-line brands including Mercedes-Benz and BMW have already been fitted with powerful V8 engines.

Acura is often criticized by many car enthusiasts for the lack of a V8 option in their lineup. If the idea is introduced and gets the green light, we will most likely see the V8 be fitted on the Acura RL, which is pictured above, to compete with the V8 Lexus GS. The next generation of the super NSX car is expected to come with a V10 engine.