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Nissan Upgrades its Trucks

Nissan will upgrade its truck line-up with a series of facelifts from inside and out including a little less chrome than before and a more revised look. Engines will also be upgraded with more power. The new Nissan trucks will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. For complete information, continue reading.

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Video: Humvee Driving in Iraq

I managed to search through the YouTube database to find this video. It shows a Humvee driving through the crowded streets of Iraq. While it may seem humorous to some, it certainly is a matter of life and death as stopping in the streets of Iraq in an American vehicle certainly means that you are suicidal. However, one side that it does show is how Americans treat Iraqis and if it’s visible through traffic manners, than it certainly is evident through behavioral habits.

Watch the video and think positive thoughts. 😛

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Gallery and Video: New Fiat Bravo

Complete high-resolution gallery by clicking below:

Fiat officially released images and videos of its highly-anticipated Bravo crossover vehicle today. Several reports from online publications have rumored that the new Bravo will be introduced in the United States, along with the launch of the Fiat brand for sale in North America. The ultra-compact crossover will be available with a 1.4L 16V at 90-horsepower as well as a turbocharged T-JET engine which outputs 120 and 150-HP. Additional gadgets will include the Blue&Me navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, as well as several other goodies.


Two additional videos of the Fiat Bravo are available by reading more.

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1,000 IS-F’s to be Built

Click below for complete high-resolution gallery:

A report made by AutoWeek claims that the new BMW M3 competitor from Lexus, the IS-F, will only be available for the first 1,000 customers in the United States. To recap, the Lexus IS-F Series was produced to compete with the high-performance M3 as well as the AMG line from Mercedes-Benz. Although these reports have not been officially confirmed by Toyota, it’s highly possible that there might be more IS-F’s coming if sales increase.

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Nissan Altima Hybrid Pricing

Nissan announced today that the new Altima Hybrid will have a starting MSRP of $24,400. The hybrid vehicle will have a tax credit of approximately $2,350.

Mileage figures for the Altima Hybrid are estimated to be 42MPG in city driving and 36MPG for highway cruising. Standard equipment will include 16-inch alloy wheels, Intelligent Key with push button starting, power door locks, a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD stereo system with an auxiliary input jack, ABS, vehicle dynamic and traction control, as well as a dual-zone automatic climate control.

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2008 Audi TT Pricing Announced

Audi announced today the pricing of its new TT line-up for North America. The Coupe will arrive in April, followed by the Roadster in May. The Coupe version of the line-up starts at $34,800 while the Roadster has a base price of $36,800. Both models will be available in either 2.0T or 3.2-Quattro engine trim. All 2.0T models will be paired with a 200-hp engine with a 6-speed S-tronic transmission, while the 3.2-Quattro models will be paired up with 50 more horsepowers (250-hp) with a V6 engine as well as the infamous Quattro all-wheel drive.

Standard options include leather and Alcantara-covered sport seats, automatic climate control with power steering. Amenities such as a in-dash CD changer has the ability to play MP3 formats. Other standard features include 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, and cruise control.

Optional equipment includes 18-inch wheels and Nappa leather seats. An optional DVD-based navigation system is available, as well as Bluetooth phone operation and Bose premium sound with satellite radio. Adding to that list are bi-xenon adaptive headlights, iPo interface, Audi parking system and a Baseball-optic leather interior for the roadster.

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Video and Gallery: New Mercedes-Benz C-Class

What’s there more to do then enjoy high resolution images of the new C-Class or even watch it in its full glory in action on video? Simply nothing. So I’ve made it available to do just that for you. There are 4 complete high-resolution galleries of the new C-Class including the Avantgarde, Classic, and the Elegance versions.

Click above to browse the complete set.

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I’m Back!

So after a long dreadful week of final exams and a flu, I am back again at work on the site. I guess I left everything just hanging, I left the gallery hanging as well as stopped the service feed for news. Haha, there was just too much to do and I was flunking out in chemistry so I became a major bookworm for the last few days. Hopefully things will take back to original shape now, preparing for February. Bye.

Oh, and today was my birthday. 🙂

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Information Regarding Editorials

Bad news. Editorials are held off for the time being because I don’t have time to write the editorials, rather, I’m still in the process of finding a good writer to help develop this section. I found one writer, but apparently I’m not allowed to modify his words or whatever.

But hey, if you’re interested and you want to earn some nice hard cash, why don’t you shoot me an e-mail using the contact form attached with samples of your work and I will consider your services.

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Volvo’s BeeVan Concept

As part of the Michelin Challenge Design contest at the NAIAS, is part of Volvo’s concept study of a new truck. The BeeVan concept puts the driver in the truck’s cab, rather than the traditional driving position, which Volvo believes that this will allow drivers to have a full 180 degrees of visibility. And to help with blind spots, it will incorporate Volvo’s blind spot camera technology. There are numerous gadgets on the BeeVan concept including lane tracking, parking sensors as well as driver drowsiness sensors.

The doors are sliding operated and there are hidden steps which automatically slide out. The steps automatically retract when not in use and when you open the door, the driver’s seat will move rearward and rotate for easy access.

What’s most interesting, of course, is the exterior design of the interesting concept. Cool? Or a spaceship? You tell me.

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Gallery: Audi R8

Enjoy looking at the new Audi R8 super sportscar? Well, so do I. That’s why I’ve updated the Audi R8 high resolution gallery with 100 fresh new images available for your desktop as part of today’s mini update. The images all include widescreen wallpaper support. And if you want to see it in action, check out the video I’ve attached below.

What’s to come? This week, I’ll be updating the Lamborghini Murcielago section as requested by a user from the forums. As well as adding high resolution images of the all new redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-Class. So stay tuned!

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Volvo Says No to Minivans

Well known for its versatility, Volvo has announced that they will not enter the minivan market, but instead, they will focus on wagons and crossover with the introduction of the XC60 crossover vehicle in early 2009. But it doesn’t stop there, Volvo executives also noted that they will be re-examining the existing lineup including the V50, V70, XC70, XC90, as well as the XC60.

Vehicles such as the V90 and the XC60 will be used as a basis for Volvo’s future model range, which will consist mostly of the V or the XC models. Adding to the negativity of the minivan segment, Volvo announced that the XC90 is the seven-seater alternative. This should be a good idea since Volvo wagons and crossovers were considered for half of Volvo’s total sales in 2006.

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Honda Recalls 81,000 Accords

Honda announced on Wednesday that it will be recalling at least 81,000 Accord sedans in the 2004 to 2005 model year. The recall consists of an airbag sensor which could possibly fail due to improper wiring harness for the seat position sensors, which was to detect the driver’s seating position and adjust the airbag inflation pressure accordingly.

The failed sensor could break and cause the airbag to be deflated at full inflation pressure, which could cause serious injuries to the smaller drivers in the event of a frontal crash. Although no injuries or incidents have been reported, the recall is expected to begin from early February and dealers will replace the wiring. Sounds fun.

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Use of Aluminum in European Cars is Increasing

According to a recent study, the amount of aluminum used in new European cars have risen over these past few years. Starting with 50kg of aluminum in 1990, that number has increased to 132kg in 2005 and is expected to grow by another 25kg by 2010. Why aluminum? Aluminum is light, which allows the vehicle to save weight with a total fuel saving of 1 billion liters each year, as well as decreasing CO2 emissions.

The study focused on different aluminum semi-materials including the car components to the exterior sheets. Conducted by Knibb, Gormezano & Partners with the European Aluminum Association and was based off 15 million cars produced in Europe in 2005. Up until today, aluminum is being applied everywhere in the automotive industry to improve safety and performance, also, we can see from the new Jaguar XK-Type, the new aluminum body symbolizes a new era of design.

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More Crossovers to GM’s Line

Chairman of General Motor’s Bob Lutz noted recently that it’d be nice to see a Cadillac and Saab vehicle added to the fast-changing crossover market. Currently, GM has three crossovers based on the Lambda structure, which are the GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook and the Buick Enclave.

The new Cadillac crossover would ultimately replace the current SRX model and built off the same platform as the upcoming CTS sedan, allowing the new Cadillac to have car-like characteristics with the functionalities of a SUV. We’ll likely see the new crossover sometime in the next 3 years.

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