Wallpaper: 2007 BMW M5 Now Offered with Manual Transmission

BMW has announced that the BMW M5 will available with a manual transmission for the 2007 model year, partly due to people complaining about the loss of excitement with all the extra electronic systems aiding the vehicle. Sorry for the delay, processing BMW images takes a long time. Anyways, enjoy!

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Press Release:

Since 1984, four generations of M5s have delighted driving enthusiasts with a combination of breathtaking performance, stunning agility and elegant luxury to create a unique driving experience. The current M5, introduced to the American market in October of 2005, takes those attributes to an even higher level than its predecessors with new design, new technology and new engineering to create what truly can be considered an intriguing combination of a sports car and a luxury sedan.

In its 23/04 issue, the German magazine Auto Zeitung reviewed the latest M5 on the occasion of its European introduction and put it this way:

“The 5.0-liter V-10 would upgrade many super sports cars . . . The power sport seats meet the highest demands for comfort, provide plenty of lateral support and are upholstered in fine leather . . . For a nearly 2-ton sedan, it offers outstanding cornering dynamics . . .

“Yet the fascinating the thing about the M5 is its huge bandwidth of comfort, luxury and dynamics, which other manufacturers can cover only with several model series.”

For 2007, BMW M has introduced a 6-speed manual transmission for the M5. This no-cost optional transmission has been developed for and will be offered exclusively in the North American market. It is the perfect enhancement for those driving enthusiasts who want to enjoy the 500-horsepower V-10 engine with the level of driver-car interaction only a manual transmission can offer. Of course, as with any M car, the pedals are arranged to provide smooth and quick heel-and-toe downshifting.

The M5 equipped with the manual transmission features the same M Dynamic Mode (MDM) stability system as the Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) car. M Dynamic Mode enables enthusiastic track driving with greater longitudinal and lateral acceleration on dry road surfaces, however, with limited vehicle stability, corrections by the driver may be required. With the M Dynamic Mode activated, stabilizing interventions occur at a reduced level.

Other standard-equipment enhancements include a Tire Pressure Monitor System, a
4-year subscription to BMW Assist (previously 1 year) and a 4-year subscription to
Real Time Traffic Information.

Though based on the current 5 Series Sedans, the M5 is packed with engineering, technology, design and luxury that are all its own. Like all BMW automobiles bearing the “M” logo, it has been developed by BMW M, the BMW subsidiary for high-performance automobiles. The M5 is produced at BMW’s Dingolfing Germany, plant, 60 miles northeast of Munich.

[Source: BMW]