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Malibu’s Are Cool Again?

I’m not sure what is going on, but I was suppose to keep these kinds of news under wraps, that is, until I saw a fresh posting of the Chevrolet Malibu on Edmunds. So I just said: screw it. So here you are, new images and official information on Chevrolet Malibu. After a teaser was shown, I’d really wish they’d just keep the rear under the curtain, because it’s not pretty.

What do you do when you have competitors such as the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry gaining up sales while you keep falling? You go up and that’s what the new Malibu is expected to do: gain back its reputation. The new Malibu looks just as aggressive as any other competitor now, except maybe the rear.

The Malibu will be powered by a 252-horsepower 3.6-Liter V6, which is also available on the Saturn Aura. Controlled by a 6-speed automatic transmission, there will also be available steering-wheel mounted shifters. For the base model, the 2.4-Liter Ecotec 4-cylinder at 164 horsepowers in which the budget-friendly LS and LT trims will get a 4-speed automatic tranny.

A huge improvement from its predecessor, the two-tone colored interior really works, giving the new Malibu a taste of luxury and a more upscale feel. Now that the design is better than before, Chevrolet notes that we should get used to the new front end design, which will be the new face of future Chevrolet cars.

Continue reading for additional images.

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Dodge Releases the Beast Within

After Road&Track did an oops, we decided that we should do the same. Sometimes it’s just better to screw the embargo, that’s why we’re bringing you images of Dodge’s new trick under the hood. The better than before Viper SRT-10 for 2008, which boasts an extra 90 horsepowers under the hood, making the total power a fabulous 600hp. The new V10 will upgrade from 8.3-Liters to 8.4 with some tweaking here and there, all controlled by a new 6-speed TR6060 gearbox for a higher torque capacity.

Why not read on for more images as well as the press release, that’s right, the press release.

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Feel Like a Kid (Or Baby) Again!

I’m not sure what the message across this commercial featuring the Hyundai Santa Fe was, but it was sure damn cute! Looks like Hyundai’s trying to pinpoint that the new compact SUV is so darn cute and cuddly. Babies rule my world. Video is courtesy of the user on YouTube.

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Sneak Peek: 2008 Nissan Rogue

Nissan gives us a quick preview of the upcoming Rogue crossover vehicle, which is set to compete with smaller SUV’s such as the redesigned Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. Dubbed the baby Murano, there are no official details as of yet for the Rogue but new information tells us that the new Rogue will replace the Nissan X-Trail sold in Canada.

It will official unveil and debut at the NAIAS on January 7, which also happens to be the unveil date of the new Mazda Tribute, or the CX-5. Continue reading for additional images.

Update: More images have been added, including interior shots. Continue reading to view them!

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More Images: Jaguar C-XF Concept

As promised, I said I would post the latest info and data whenever it arrives, so here are more images of the details in the concept. As previously reported by Edmunds, we probably won’t see many of the gadgetry and tech you see on the concept be incorporated into production, but hopefully there will be enough tech to keep us satisfied. Continue reading for additional images.

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Rumors of a CTS Wagon?

We all know that when it comes to wagons, there’s nothing like the BMW 3 Touring. You’re wrong. The new Cadillac CTS is rumored to come with a new body-style: a wagon. But that’s not all, folks. Like the BMW 3, rumors are spreading that General Motors are planning to create a whole family of fun, including sedan, coupes, and wagons.

But first things first, with the teaser image of the CTS, it’s quite evident that the wagon will also retain the boxy styling. Because seriously, who like a boxed-up front with a rounded back? Unless Cadillac is stupid, of course.

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Chevrolet HHR Premiere Edition

Chevrolet announced today that it will unveil its HHR Premiere Edition at NAIAS. The exclusive edition will feature a Cappuccino Frost Metallic exterior color and a special Ebony/Gray two-tone interior. Only 4,000 of these special monkeys will be built, beginning production in the first quarter of 2007, costing you for almost $1000 extra for the special edition.

There will be special features such as 17-inch black chrome wheels, black chrome exterior package, blacked-out front fog lamps and headlamps, with matching-colored running board and rearview mirrors. On the outside, there’s accent stripes as well as an aerodynamic rear spoiler, with black roof-mounted rails attached at the top. Inside, the leather-wrapped steering wheel comes with custom floor mats.

Standard is a 2.4-L Ecotec engine with all the extras such as air conditioning, power windows, door locks, outisde mirrors, cruise control and remote keyless entry. Also standard is a 260-watt Pioneer sound system with a subwoofer and the ability to plug in your favorite tunes via an auxiliary port.

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I Love Photoshop

Official front fascia of the new Cadillac CTS! Just kidding, just a poor photoshop job. That’s why you see twins in the pictures. Haha, I did my best after seeing someone else had did it. I decided to add some Xenon-tastic lighting. Yeah, that’s how professional I am. Just too professional. The grill needs to be wider on the real car instead of shown here to produce a better stance on the CTS.

Continue reading for the picture with the fronts lights off.

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Cadillac 16 – Cadillac 16 = 0

General Motors announced that it will not bring the 16-cylinder fast car to the market. The Cadillac 16, revealed back in 2003 at the North American Auto Show, was believed to bring joy to Cadillac and more interested consumers. Although we love it, General Motors decided that the market was not ready for the biggest boy of the playground. Maybe we’ll see it in the few years to come.

If it were to come into production in the future, the base model would most likely be a V8, while the top-of-the-line Sixteen will have a V12. Until this day, the legacy of the revealing of the Cadillac Sixteen still lives with us, but sometimes, things are just too good to be true.

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Official Images: New Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible

It’s officially official. After numerous discussion and spy shots found all over the web, these are the official images of the new Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible. Still retaining much of the design from the EX demonstration cars, the Corniche Convertible still hosts the standard design inside and the significant LED lights on the front. Although no official specifications are known about the car, we can already see that the price for the materials inside and out will go above the roof.

Under the hood, it will probably sport a 6.8-Liter V12 engine which is also found in the current Phantom line-up. With seating for 4 passengers, the Corniche Convertible will use many elements from the EX concepts, including the teak roof cover and a stainless steel hood. It will officially debut at the Detroit auto show in January, so until then, enjoy the photos.

I guess we can all dream sometimes, can’t we? Continue reading for the complete photo gallery.

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Introducing the Mercedes CLC-Class… the what?

Mercedes-Benz claimed the trademark for the CLC-Class, even snatching the trademark on toy models with the CLC-Class name. Although nothing is known right now, many websites rumor that Mercedes-Benz will introduce the name for the Ocean Drive concept, which is the convertible version of the luxurious S-Class. I, however, think that it might possibly be used for a convertible version of the coupe-tastic CLS-Class, since CL”C” goes for convertible, while CL”S” goes for sedan.

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Toyota + Ford = BFF?

Sometimes it’s best to join the ones you can’t win. As Ford continues to decline, big boy on the playground Toyota will soon be rising to number 2 on the automaker list and continues to make its way upwards on the waterfall. Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Mark Fields visited Japan last Wednesday to go over details of the partnership, this isn’t uncommon this year, as we saw GM partner up with Nissan, which didn’t happen. Yet nothing is known for sure, but if this little partnership does take place, it’ll be the merging of the greats of automakers.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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Honda to Focus Less on Minicars

President Takeo Fukui announced in an interview today that it will move the development of minicars in the domestic market to a new subsidiary, Yachiyo Industry Co., tomorrow in order to focus on higher-end Honda and Acura models. Although only 40 percent of the company’s domestic sales account for minicars, Fukui says that minicars are a growing market and plans to expand the segment without losing profit, which is almost double that of Suzuki, which is Japan’s largest minicar manufacturer.

Due to the growing sales of minicars, the competition for this segment is great, bringing extreme rivals, therefore, Honda needs to put too much effort into retaining sales. But with Honda’s engineers working on both luxury vehicles and minicars, there is no way they can compete. Therefore, Yachiyo will handle the development, production, and the purchasing for the minicar segment.

Already operating at full capacity, Yachiyo may need to expand its plants in central Japan. Honda plans to add a few more minicar models in Japan.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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Cooper S Delayed

After several reports that the new Cooper S could be delayed, it appears that it was true all along. CarNewsSite reader Janson pointed out to us that the new Cooper S produced at the Oxford plant will, in fact, be delayed due to leaking fuel pumps on the S models with about 3,000 vehicles affected. Since the plant is closed for the holiday break, there will be a delay until the problem is attacked. Mm, delays are fun, but leaking fuel pumps are fun too.

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Leaked: New Honda Crossroad

Many images of vehicles that haven’t been introduced yet have been leaked over the web, which is not common after these past few days of leaky pipes, including the Jaguar C-XF concept and the Lincoln MKR concept dispute. Well, now, CarNewsSite brings you the first exclusive images of the new Honda Crossroad, which is expected to be released in mid February of 2007.

Numerous spy pictures were posted all over the web concerning this mystery vehicle which was caught on camera cruising down the streets of Los Angeles in somewhat heavy camouflage. The Crossroad name only applies to the Japanese market, and it may be the next Element as we know due to the fact that it integrates the design and numerous seating arrangements found in the Element.

Size of the Crossroad will be at around 65 inches tall, with a width of 70 inches and a total span of 168 inches, this crossover seats up to seven passengers, opposed to the current Element, which only seats a disappointing four, yet it is more compact than the current generation of the CR-V, yet longer in wheelbase. It will be available with two engines, which is a 140-hp 1.8-L or a 150-hp 2.0 and comes in either front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

When we receive additional information, we’ll post them here, so stay tuned. And check out the small gallery if you continue reading.

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